F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck means "SubtitleReSync"?

SubtitleReSync is short for Automatic Subtitle Re-Synchronization. Awesome name, isn't it? xD

And, as the name might suggests, the main goal of this web-service is to automatically change the subtitle's synchronization (the timing of the subtitle which it'll show up on the screen) so you can use the same subtitle file with all possible video versions you may found (TV, DVD, Blu-ray, etc).

Basically, a unique subtitle to rule fit all video versions (of the same episode/movie)!

Why on earth would anyone need to use something which such a cool name (:wink:)?

[ Skip to the end of the answer for the short version ;) ]

We love to watch our favorites TV shows, movies, animes, etc using their original voices, but in order to fully understand them we may need to use subtitles (those pesky accents).

And after years of using subtitles, we came across many times with the same problem:

The subtitle's text didn't match the voices, showing them either early, late or only matching the voices for a segment of the video.

This matching issue is usually caused because the subtitle file was initially made to fit a different video version from the one you've got.

So, after spending quite some time surfing the web each time the web for a subtitle that fits (which may very well don't even exist!), we put our brains at work to solve this nasty and time consuming problem.

First, we learned how to re-synchronize (resync from now on) manually, using several different programs: SubtitleWorkshop, VisualSubSync, Aegisub or SubtitleEdit. And what we truly learned is that a resync job could take from a few minutes to several hours, besides having to know how to use any of those programs. And also, spoiling the joy of watching the movie/episode in the process :(

Then, we decided to put our vast knowledge about signals (yep, the audio and even the image of the video can be seen as a signal) we got at college into a good use, making something that would turn the entire required process to resync a subtitle into a more easy and automated way.

And guess what, we made it!

So, for the ones that skipped to the end (I don't blame you! :P), you'll benefit from our web-service if you ever found a subtitle that didn't match the video you have and couldn't or didn't want to spend the time needed to fix it for yourselves.

Man, I'm still not entirely sure of what SubtitleReSync does, can you quit messing around and put some quick example?

Sure thing :)

Let's say that you have downloaded, bought or just rented a movie called The Avengers and you want to watch it with subtitles in your own language (or for hearing impaired people). Then you'll surf the web until you find them... but, when you're gonna use them you'll notice that the text doesn't match the voices.

So, you'll go to www.SubtitleReSync.com, register, upload the subtitle file, and select the video version you've got and the video version the subtitle is made for (usually displayed in the filename or in the web you downloaded the subtitle file from). Menu: Movies -> T -> The Avengers -> <select video versions>.

And that's it! In a matter of seconds you'll get your subtitle matching your video version.


  1. [User provide] The.Avengers.2012.CAM.XViD-Voodoo.srt
    (subtitle file in any language)
  2. [User selects] Menu -> Movies -> T -> The Avengers ->CAM.XViD-Voodoo
    (The video version subtitle is made for)
  3. [User selects] 720p.BluRay.x264-NYDIC
    (The video version you have)
  4. [User gets] The.Avengers.2012.720p.BluRay.x264-NYDIC.srt
    (original text with new timming)

In short:

Video A + Subtitle A + Video B ---(SubReSync)--> Subtitle B

All of this sounds very interesting but... is this web-service legal?


We don't provide anything copyright protected (sound nor image) to our users (or even store it), since they're the ones who upload the subtitle file, so we understand our service can be considered completely legal.